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What is (Gestalt) Therapy?

Therapy can be an effective support for self development, growth and healing. It often means looking more closely at what supports we might be missing and how our habitual ways of being hold us back from achieving this natural development. In Gestalt therapy, we work with the assumption that every human being will naturally develop toward health, growth and change, once obstacles are removed from their path.

Gestalt therapy is a type of talking therapy, but also makes use of other elements, which are less based on words and thoughts. These could for example be visualisations, pictures, movement, breathing exercises, focus on your body, working with objects, role plays etc.

If you're curious, you can read a little more about Gestalt therapy here and about the underlying Paradoxial Theory of Change here.

What can therapy help with?

Indicators that therapy could be a good support for you are the symptoms you notice in your daily life. 

Therapy can be particularly helpful if you experience for example:

  • Panic attacks, feeling anxious or constant worrying

  • Often feeling overwhelmed with life

  • Burn-out, stress, finding it hard to set boundaries

  • Longing for more fulfillment e.g. in relationships or work

  • Relationship difficulties, a break-up or divorce (as an individual or as a couple)

  • Finding it hard to separate from the expectation of others (e.g. family/society)

  • Often feeling sad without knowing why, lack of motivation or pleasure in life

  • Feeling bad about yourself, a sense of worthlessness or insecurity

  • Having trouble sleeping, nightmares or persistent restlessness

  • Finding yourself in unsatisfying or abusive relationships

  • Often getting into fights or disputes with other people, losing friendships or jobs

  • Sudden outbursts of anger or tears that seem disproportionate to you

  • Not being able to form fulfilling or lasting intimate relationships

  • Insecurities about who you are or what you want, struggle making decisions

  • Feeling like some events from the past keep holding you back

  • Big life changes (for example: moving country, leaving school/University, becoming a parent, being made redundant or retiring from work, entering a new life stage, death of a spouse or parent)

  • Feeling like you can't be the mother or father you would like to be to your children

  • Suffering from isolation and loneliness

  • The nagging sense that 'there is more' to life and in yourself

  • Existential dread, fear of death, illness or ageing

  • Or noticing any of the above experiences in your children

The first steps

Maybe you dont yet know what it is you want to work on, and only have a vague sense that you need some support. That is also a perfectly fine place to start from!

We will first arrange a commitment-free exploratory session, which gives us the space to talk about your current situation, your hopes and also your concerns about beginning this process, and if and how we might work together. It will give you the chance to get a first sense of what it might be like to work with me, so that you can decide afterwards, whether therapy in general and with me is the right way forward for you. I am also happy to discuss other options with you.

Should we then begin working together, we will firstly arrange 6 weekly sessions as the minimum commitment of time to give to this process. After the first 4 to 5 sessions, we will decide whether we continue working longer term, or if we end at session 6.

Fees and invoicing

The fee for a 50-minute individual session is €85 or €145 for a 90-minute couple's session. Individual therapy usually takes places weekly on the same day and time, couple's counselling is usually arranged every two to three weeks.

Please note: Our international training background unfortunately means that we cannot be part of the Krankenkassen system in Germany. All sessions will need to be paid for privately.

Any questions? You can contact me at


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